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Nestled within the thriving manufacturing hub of Southeastern Ohio along the Muskingum River, Morgan County, attracts businesses with its compelling advantages. Here, you’ll discover a blend of economic appeal, ease of accessibility to major metropolitan areas, cost-effective operational advantages, a highly skilled workforce, and an abundant, budget-friendly energy supply. The Ohio Southeast region, compromising nearly one-third of the state’s land mass and boasting a population exceeding 1 million, sets the stage for business growth across six targeted growth industries: Energy & Chemicals, Wood & Paper Products, Automotive & Aerospace, Food Manufacturing, Logistics & Distribution, and Metals Fabrication.

Morgan County proudly hosts several thriving enterprises in the Automotive, Wood Products, and Metal Fabrication sectors. Its competitive cost of living, skilled labor pool, and business-friendly tax environment establish it as an ideal destination for businesses seeking to continually grow. Furthermore, the region’s proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities and a relaxed lifestyle makes Morgan County a place you’ll be proud to call home.

Morgan County Ohio Industries

Consider the following advantages for businesses in Ohio:

  • Ohio boasts a favorable 0% state tax rate on corporate income, R&D investments, and out-of-state sales of goods and products.
  • Ohio has climbed 34 spots in Chief Executive Magazine’s 50 Best States for Business rankings since 2011.
  • Ohio’s remarkable 134% growth in venture capital investment between 2017 and 2019, nearly three times the regional average (47%) and the national average (57%), signals ample investment opportunities.
  • Owing to Ohio’s strategic central location, a remarkable 60% of the U.S. and Canadian population resides within a day’s drive, facilitating efficient distribution and access to markets.

For comprehensive insights into launching your business in Ohio, we invite you to explore Ohio Southeast Economic Development at or Jobs Ohio at Your path to business success begins here.

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