Welcome to Jesse Owens State Park

Jesse Owens State Park and Jesse Owens Wildlife Area are prime examples of successful environmental stewardship. The land was mined for its rich coal deposits, reclaimed, and is now one of Ohio’s state parks with 4 campgrounds, several small lakes and ponds, and Miner’s Memorial Park, which is a monument to the achievements of the men and women who worked for American Electric Power (AEP) and its subsidiary Central Ohio Coal Company.

The park’s 4 primitive campgrounds are free on a first come, first served basis. Each campground is unique with different outdoor recreational opportunities such as hiking, fishing, a playground, and shelter houses. Adjacent wildlife areas offer more opportunities for hunting, fishing, kayaking, and hunting.

Jesse Owens State Park is the perfect destination for those who love camping surrounded by nature in a peaceful setting, or want to plan a hunting, fishing, or group camping trip.

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